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Farewell celebration for three of OBC Japanese staffs

6 March 2019 – OK Blockchain Centre (OBC) staffs, has made a surprise and farewell celebration to three of our Japanese staffs, Yuki-san, Yusuke-san and Kazuki-san. They will going back to Japan and continue their life and work there.


November Babies Celebration

27 November 2018 – During the breakfast break, there are some celebration to the November Babies of OBC staff. Photo session and ‘smiley cheese tart’ are the things to remember.


OBC Friday Feast

9 November 2018 – Big smiles carved at each staffs of OBC when served with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), “Finger lickin’ good”.  


OBC Certificate Reward Ceremony

1 November 2018 – The ceremony between OK Blockchain Centre CEO, Mr Matsuda and OBC staffs has been held. The ceremony is to award the 1st batch OBC staffs with the Java Programming certificate. The certificate is to congratulate them...


5S : OBC Work Ethics

Seiri 整理: Sorting Seiri means sorting through everything in each work area. It requires keeping only what is necessary. Items that are usually use should be moved to the common storage. Items that are rarely use should be discarded. Seiton...